It's Begun.


Location: 612 Stuart Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Building Type: Grace Presbyterian Church

Project: Building Adaptive Re-Use for the new home of Arketype Inc.

Last night I awoke, restless, at 3 a.m., and stared at the ceiling in my bedroom wondering over the many details…had we considered lighting in the library, the former bell tower room? Mental note…ask Steve our project coordinator about this when we meet tomorrow afternoon to discuss countertops and the existing signage on Monroe Avenue.

Then my mind raced about like a steel ball trapped inside a pinball game called “Convert the Church.” The steely ball bounced off double bumpers scoring 500 points for each stained glass window saved or uncovered. Then up to the collection basket it shot where it continuously scored 1 point for each linear foot of maple flooring we saved from the risers in the congregation hall. Bells ringing, lights flashing, numbers totaling over 6,240 points before the ball shot up and out, bouncing off the inside glass top, BANG. It then went screaming down the sloping platform, past the antiquated stoves in the kitchen basement, the pipe organ and hundreds of pews nobody wanted, past four out-of-tune pianos, one small electric organ, and a plethora of custom Grace Presbyterian dishware. It then zipped beyond my unreachable franticly flipping flippers and into the dark hole at the bottom of the pinball machine titled “The Bank.”

Final total for the round…156,240 points.

My heart pounding, breath deepening, the words of my Guru entered my darkening mind. “Stay in the present Paul,” she would say, and “Breath.” But it’s very hard to stay in the present when everything you’re doing today affects everything you might be doing in the future. And that future is just two and half months away.

Paul Meinke

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~ by Paul James on November 8, 2006.

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