Shaft of light through east window.

On September 23, at approximately 4:02 in the morning, the sun passed over the celestial equator in a southern movement providing the same amount of light and darkness to the northern hemisphere. This also marked the first day of autumn. Then, about 90 days thereafter we experience the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. This day will last nine hours and twenty minutes, giving us a total of 14 hours and forty minutes of darkness, roughly.


As human beings, we have lived throughout history thrusting light up into the heavens during the nighttime hours. Whether by simple fire or modern energy we have looked to light as a source of comfort and warmth as well as safety and hope, as in the narrow beams that stretched to the heavens from Ground Zero after 9/11.


Tonight at 5:30, 175 watts of light per fixture times 9 fixtures will be switched on and tested to see how it will illuminate the north and west walls of 612 Stuart Street. That’s 1,575 watts of power streaming up and onto the 133-year-old building–beaming through this November 17 day, brightening the streets of Monroe Avenue and announcing itself as another jewel in the Navarino Neighborhood.


Light comes in many forms on 612 Stuart Street!




“Overture hit the lights, this is it, the night of nights, and oh what

heights we’ll hit, so on with show-this is it!”

612 Stuart Street…dull…?


Northwest corner, oh my!


Looking east from the park…


…and let’s not forget the front doors!

Can we talk?! Is this not just wonderful? Such wonderful light, such a beautiful building. The first time in 133 years it has been lit at night!

Paul Meinke

Check out what else we are up at:


~ by Paul James on November 17, 2006.

2 Responses to “Lit…”

  1. wow. this is exciting. it feels actually climactic to read the beginning blogs and reach the point of when the lights were turned on. i cant wait for more.

  2. Thought I left a note, but it didn’t happen….Bringing new light to something old and true….what a beautiful happening for Green Bay…truly awesome….a presentation for everyone to enjoy…..what else is in store for us??? Carry on….leo from RC.

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