I thought for the week of Thanksgiving that a post of some of the spectacular windows at 612 Stuart Street might be fun to see. Being that most of us are out celebrating the holiday with friends, family and even complete strangers, this will be a “picture post.” Even my time this week has run short! I hope this will illustrate some of the wonderful beauty that illuminates through the walls spilling into the inner spaces that we will soon call home.


Tom Pecor from the Glass Haus told me that many windows in places of worship tell stories. Stories told in the form of pictures. This was done years ago because most folks in congregations were unable to read. So thus born the picture book, only told through the windows that brought light to the main congregation area. The following windows, some from the original structure built in 1873 and others installed in 1910 within the new addition, illustrate a combination of both leaded glass windows and those painted by artists that tell the story of the Christian faith.


This is the upper window that faces the west. There are two of these in the building, both hand painted with three main sections and seven subsections. This window runs completly from the main level up to and through the second level. In the late 1920s a loft was added to accommodate more people. This covered the very center of the main window.


The lower half of the large windows were made of painted, textured glass with the center pictures pulling from various stories of faith.


This type of window continues throughout the newer addition in smaller corner windows and the windows that appear in stairwells.


Window lights that appear over the west and north entrances are also similar.


In the original [1873] building, the pulpit or alter area windows are made of leaded glass in pattern shapes. These windows are not painted but made from various colored glass cut and embedded between lead.


This runs true to the double windows that appear in the bell tower, soon to house Arketype’s library…


…and in what was once the original main congregational hall, main level and loft. One can see that the windows bottom and top, work together in design and form.

Coming up next, S P A C E, “The final frontier?” As Captain Kirk and the Starship Enterprise explore one type of it, we shall explore another.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Paul Meinke

P.S. I took several more pictures today, Sunday, while down at the building removing a door window with Kurt Anderson. Will update this page again tomorrow with new pics!

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~ by Paul James on November 26, 2006.

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