Floating Holidays


This year’s tree installation, for the YWCA’s and The National Railroad Museum’s fundraiser, may not look traditional but its makings go back as far as the late 1800s. The game of Ping-pong originated in England, and also went by the names Gossima, Wiff-waff, Table Tennis and Flim-flam. At the turn of the century, the name Ping-pong stuck and was probably derived from the sound of the celluloid ball hitting the wooden or vellum bats.

Standing at over 12 feet high, this year’s tree is comprised of over 1,500 ping-pong balls, PVC piping, wire and wood. Eight fluorescent spots from below illuminate the installation.


Bobbie with wire and Ping-pong balls attached.


Kurt getting started at the top, on the ground.


The material, Ping-pong balls and lots of wire.


1,345 and still making and counting!


A brief moment before lunch.


Setting the center post, makes magic happen…


…drawing others to join in…


…illuminating a Zen moment…


…makes the final product worth the drive!

Always engaging, the holidays bring family and friends together, and nothing is more fun than a game of table tennis! Always needed, how about a floating holiday, taken on the spur of the moment to catch up on last minute shopping?!

From all the associates at Arketype, may your holidays soar!


Paul Meinke

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~ by Paul James on November 30, 2006.

7 Responses to “Floating Holidays”

  1. Just Beautiful!

  2. Wowsers! You never cease to amaze us!

  3. Wiff-waff Wonderful!

  4. Hey Paul,
    This is so amazing!!!! The photos are so beautiful – I can hardly imagine how breathtaking it must be in person!
    Can’t wait to see for myself. I have always loved stained glass and have often daydream of converting a church into a home – Your office will be even a better use though – because so many more people will get to enjoy the beauty!
    Glad to hear you are back! – I love coming here and checking out what’s going on – very Cool!

  5. As expected – Fantastic! It’s been great to watch and see the ever-changing impressions of your firm. Hat’s off to you and you team!

  6. Bellissimooooooooooo

  7. […] La imagen que veremos a continuación se trata de un árbol navideño diseñado para el National Railroad Museum’s fundraiser creado a partir de miles de pelotas de ping pong. Kurt, Bobbie y sus compañeros querían ser diferentes, crear algo que se saliese de lo tradicional y para ello se pusieron manos a la obra con el Floatin Holidays. […]

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