Extra! Extra! Extra!


Well, we did it! We won an Emmy® from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Chicago/Midwest chapter. It is the First time we entered the contest and we managed to pick up the gold winged statue grasping the world. Arketype received the award for Outstanding Achievement for Individual Excellence in Non-News Graphics and Animation.


The award recognizes Arketype’s work for the television commercials produced for fete, the Give-A-Kid-A-Book campaign starring Deanna Favre, and Arketype’s self-promotional demo reel consisting of various multimedia work produced by the firm. Arketype multimedia designer DeGaull Vang created the animation in collaboration with producers Jim Rivett and Shelly Young, and editor Jason Davis.

Check out the pictures below from the evening and the work at:



DeGaull Vang with the Emmy…


Jim Rivett and Milda Davis…


Milda and Jason Davis, Kurt Anderson and Megan Pichette…


Tom Lorenson, Shelly Young and Paul Meinke.



~ by Paul James on December 27, 2006.

2 Responses to “Extra! Extra! Extra!”

  1. Nice Elton John Glasses Paul! (Big Pimpin’) Ha Ha Ha!

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