Fine Art Greeting!


Even though I have spent the last two weekends at 612 Stuart Street working on final touches, and have been amazed at the ever-changing beauty of the stained-glass windows, how they contribute like artwork on walls spilling color across glass and plaster alike…we have other art that needs pointing out.

Indeed, we’ve invented new things out of old, and freshened the old to adhere to modern guidelines and requirements. There are added touches like these scattered here and there, three of which should be mentioned.


There are seven new energy efficient furnaces and seven never-there-before air conditioners supporting all new ductwork throughout the building. With this in mind, two very large air intake areas required new grates. Instead of the traditional prefab approach, Arketype contacted Russ Johnson, welding instructor and artist in Green Bay to design coverings for each area. Russ could not have been more inspired by the gentle gothic arches found throughout the building.


He completed two grates; this one in particular is 30 inches wide by 54 inches high. Its metal arches seem bound together in an organic weld that mirrors an almost bamboo-like stem. Backed with black grating, it appears more like artwork than an item of function.

First impressions are always important and it’s why we spent some time and energy looking for just the right elements to enhance the coatroom and two main level washrooms. Bringing cement and ceramics together seemed to be a perfect choice.


Kevin Smith from CemArt in Green Bay was a great fit. Working with multiple elements—from reclaimed metal, natural quartz, colorized quartz, and recycled silver-coated glass, to mother-of-pearl and regular terrazzo—he made counters to last a lifetime.

steve.jpg bluetop.jpg

The first part of his work requires making a template of the counter. This is followed by a proper mix and pour of the concrete into a mold that will then cure for up to three days pending thickness. Counters are then extracted from the molds and polished to a finish, bringing out the beautiful elements and components of the mix. When sealed, they are installed and await sinks and faucets.


Enter Brian Shultz master sink maker with his wife Paula from Crystal Falls, Michigan. These beautiful handcrafted sinks come in a variety of colors and patterns. Arketype worked together with Brian and Kevin to make sure the balance between counter and sink would not compete, but complement. Each sink is thrown, kiln dried, and glazed. Each glaze and pattern is applied by hand. The two sinks installed at 612 Stuart used eight different glazes developed by Brian along with his unique clay mixture for designed for strength and performance. Brian’s philosophy is that the sink is like the jewel in the room providing both form and function! He can be reached for more information by calling 906-265-4426.


Outfit each room with a few Kohler accessories and we have an incredible artistic welcome to new and regulars who visit our home office. Color, texture, and beautiful space all rolled into one!

Paul Meinke

Look what else we’ve been up to at:


~ by Paul James on February 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “Fine Art Greeting!”

  1. Hello Kurt and Paul!! This is Haley, Kurts neice (Kevin’s daughter in Minnesota) Dad and Linney were just here for the weekend and he just called to show me this site….AMAZING!!! Very cool. Hope things are going well for you! Happy V-Day coming up!!

  2. You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.

  3. Very superior site. Good job. thnx.

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