B4 then After

Thought it might be interesting to see pictures from before and after just four months ago. All second shots were taken from similar angle and place as former picture.

1mainlevelsw.jpg mainlevse.jpg

Looking southeast from orginal enterance.

1mainlevelnw.jpg mainlevne.jpg

Same room looking northwest.

1kitchen2.jpg kitchen1.jpg

Kitchen lower level.

1kitchen1.jpg kitchen2.jpg

Old stoves removed makes new electrical area.

1libr.jpg lib.jpg

Tower room turned into library.

1secondlevels.jpg 2ndlevel1.jpg

Second level east end looking south.

1secondlevelnw2.jpg 2ndlevelnw1.jpg

Second level looking north west from east end of building.

1secondlevelw.jpg 2ndlevel3.jpg

Hallway made into open space on second level!

1mainnw.jpg mainnwest.jpg

Main atrium looking northwest.

1nemain.jpg mainneast.jpg

Main atrium looking northeast.

1nupperdeck.jpg northeditswt.jpg

Upper deck looking down hallway to the north.

1pulpit.jpg mainsouth.jpg

Before and after new second floor with walkway added.

1eastmain.jpg maineast.jpg

Main atrium looking east.

1upperdecksw.jpg main2ndlevelsw.jpg

Main atrium second floor looking southwest.

Hope you enjoyed this quick tour of before and after shots. Next up Open house for former church members held this Sunday, February 18, from 1PM to 3PM.

Paul Meinke

Look at what else we’ve been up to:



~ by Paul James on February 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “B4 then After”

  1. Wow, I can not believe how nice that looks. Great Job!

  2. Yeh Paul!!! The new place looks FANTASTIC!!! Let me know when the video tour is done 😉

  3. Paul and Kurt – The renovation and space you all have created is reflective of the thoughtfulness and creativity of your hearts and souls. Congrats on moving in this week and I’m looking forward to seeing the open house pics and living vicariously through your blog!

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