Beyond Belief!


At lunch the other day with friends, at a small Chinese buffet, we passed around the fortune cookies. Mine read the following:

“You will not discover new territories if you are unable to leave sight of land.”

Wow! I thought about this for a moment and began to examine our history as we move from Pine to Stuart.

For 10 years we occupied 126 Pine Street. Prior to that, we were housed in a complex located in Green Bay’s 1-43 business park. We have moved approximately four times over the life of Arketype, and this will be our fifth. Each of the moves resulted from purposeful growth—a calculated expanse of adding additional disciplines and staff, as well as new and exciting clients. This is, after all, business.


But is it more than that? Is business just a series of calculated growth and sales strategies followed by deliverables that upon execution continue the cycle? Or is it an opportunity to move beyond the sight of land, to push our individual selves and our boundaries into new territories and experiences?


As we pack, we must first dig through the 10-year accumulation of “stuff,” all kinds of stuff—work samples, files upon files of data and information, photographs of the times we had here on Pine Street and before. We are purging and cleaning our well-defined “ship,” readying ourselves for another new adventure in a bigger and better equipped vessel that will take us to new shores. And perhaps, if need be, out of sight of the familiar.

But there is something to be said of those who passed through these Pine Street halls, the memories of victories and defeat, and the 10 years of learning that have made us all better people today. It’s more than just business; it’s a lifelong pursuit of new unknowns and new discoveries for each of us.


Paul Meinke

Look what else we’ve been up to at:


~ by Paul James on February 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Beyond Belief!”


    Your building looks AWESOME……..the creativity, design and re-use of materials is mesmorizing. I can’t wait to see all of it in person.

    I also want to compliment Paul on the Blog. I have followed your blog from inception and couldn’t wait for another chapter to read. You are truely a talented writer. You should seriously consider writing a book. Fabulous job.

    I hope everyone enjoys their new home.

  2. My God Its Absolutely Stunning! I was told to check out the blog on the transformation (which I’ve known was going on for a while now) and I was expecting to see great, but I was truly blown away… Its incredible.. Congratulations! Where is Bobbie’s Office???

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