Nothing like warmer weather, sunshine, green leaves, and thunderstorms to bring life back to the planet at the 44th parallel. Outside work on Grace has been completed with painting, Plexiglas, and new plantings.


After the outside window pains were scraped, repaired, caulked and painted, over 90 custom panels of new Plexiglas were installed to protect the stained glass from the elements.


Included in the landscaping is a plethora of texture and color. From five different types of Hostas to Brunnera Jack Frost, Boston Ivy, Yucca Bright Edge, Artemesia Silver Mound, Black Lace, Sedium Purple Emperor and Firwitch to name just a few. Over 48 different types of plants have been used around the building and on the grounds. Now we just have to water and watch them grow!

Mary our landscape design and planner scopes the grounds.

The building has become a jewel in downtown’s Navarino Neighborhood. Located across from Jackson Square Park, our place here is quickly becoming a sanctuary of creative justice, working forward problem solving in the communications industry. Already every meeting space has been occupied, already the staff is engaged in multiple ways by design and layout of work areas, already we’ve bonded over lunches prepared out of the kitchen, already we are engaged in our community, not as an observer but a participant in making this the best place to work and live.


Next up on the docket, the finishing touches on our hot lot!

Paul Meinke

See what else we’ve been up to at:


~ by Paul James on May 24, 2007.

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  1. Excellent website. This will be my first time visiting

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