Rock around the clock tonight!


Well, we’ve made it at last. Now 15 years old and moved into our new space with all the fix’ns, it was time to kick back and celebrate! On September 27th, we opened our doors and invited our clients, suppliers and friends into our new space for a gathering that rocked the streets of Monroe and Stuart combined.


More than 500 hundred people attended to dine on quintessentials from JR’s Chives restaurant, with desserts from Benjamin’s. And yes, even Elvis was in the building!


Elvis appeared, sang a tune or three, and then disappeared. But along came the Divine Temple Mass Choir and got you up and movin’. If you made it past security, maintained by our front-doormen, what you found inside was a delicious buzz, a refreshing breath of conversation, music, and song and dance.


It felt good to feel the energy envelope the building. What was once a place where lights grew dim and the carpet turned grey through the dust of time was now back in her place of “Grace” and beauty, trumpeted only by the kind, good folks who came to the rescue and celebration.

For lots of fun filled pictures click here!

Thank you to all who came and made it possible.

From all of us Arketopians!


~ by Paul James on October 10, 2007.

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    Rock around the clock tonight! | Arketype

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