Halloween Madness Struck!


Like a bolt of lightening grabs hold of the earth, 612 Stuart Street’s Grace, home to Arketype, was engulfed in a sea of creatures on October 31st, Halloween. Not that the building has never been visited before by creatures of the night. Since we made this nearly 100-year-old building our home in downtown Green Bay, there have been several eyewitness accounts that we are not here alone.


A few of us lucky (or would that be unlucky?) ones have heard the echo of deliberate footsteps along the floor of the atrium balcony. A slow methodical pace…heel against maple-slotted wooden walkway. Yet when one gets up to look into the area, the sound disappears, and no one is there.


There was also a sighting of a figure in the bell tower windows, seen in the twilight of this fall. The figure moved from window to window before vaporizing right before our eyes. The interesting point about this sighting is that the floor in the bell tower is a good ten feet below the windows, which means the figure had to be floating!


But this Halloween, the ghouls and goblins on Stuart Street took on many material forms, and believe me they were real because you could poke them with a stick! Especially after feasting on a potluck lunch of gnocchi eyeballs in a bloody red sauce, pumpkin soup, ghostly cupcakes, and we can’t forget our favorite, snot-on-a-stick. These were just a few of the ghoulish delights enjoyed by our crew.


Alive or dead, in spirit or earthly forms, there was much thunder in the celebration with a good time had by all! It was a great way to build camaraderie as we now stare winter square in the face!


Paul Meinke

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~ by Paul James on November 11, 2007.

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